簡易倫敦金騙局分辨法 Simple method to identify London Gold Scam

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1. 推銷者透過社交軟件中結職陌生人的功能聯絡你。
2. 推銷者的社交媒體帳號充斥投資相關資訊。
3. 推銷者在社交媒體上炫富。
4. 所提及的投資計劃涉及「倫敦金」或「貴金屬」。
5. 推銷者稱該投資計劃擁有很高的回報(遠照合理回報)。
6. 推銷者稱該投資計劃沒有風險或風險很低。
7. 推銷者要求你簽約授權將資金交給她投資。
8. 推銷者所屬的公司不在香港金銀業貿易場的行會名單上。(請注意,行騙公司或會有一些名稱相似的公司在名單上,但它們必定是兩間不同的公司。)
9. 你能在本站資料中找到推銷者所任職的公司。
9. 推銷者要求你將投資戶口的帳號密碼交給他。


English version:
Our website has been disclosing to the public about the London Gold Scam for more than half a year. During the disclosure, we had received countless reports and emails that provide information about the scammers and the companies behind these scams. Because of severe time limitation of the administrators, we were unable to reply to all of the enquirers and whistle-blowers. We hereby apologize for the inconvenience caused.
However, we had read all the emails and reports given to us, and found several commonalities in the scams. With attentions paid to the characteristics of London Gold Scam, people can easy avoid being scammed. In a recent review of the website, we found that although our original article about London Gold Scam had clearly and precisely described the details about the scam, the article was too lengthy to be read by most people. Therefore, we have made a checklist to identify London Gold Scams. If you have encountered anyone trying to persuade you to join certain “investment plans”, and the person or the characteristics matched the items on the following checklist, it is likely a type of London Gold Scam. Please be aware and don’t fall into the scam.

Checklist for London Gold Scam Identification:
1. The promoter contacted you using software or pathways that are designed to meet strangers.
2. The promoter’s social media is full of investment-related information.
3. The promoter often show off their wealth in social media.
4. The investment plan involves “London Gold” or “precious metals”.
5. The promoter claims that the investment plan has a very high profit margin, well above plausible level.
6. The promoter claims that the investment plan has no risk or is a low-risk investment.
7. The promoter requires you to authorize her to invest for you through contract.
8. The promoter is working in a company that was NOT on The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society’s member list. (Be aware of similar company names, they are definitely different companies.)
9. Our website has listed the promoter’s company as a company related to London Gold Scam.
10. The promoter asks you to give them the password of your investment account.

If the promoter or its investment plan meets 5 or more characteristics listen on the checklist, then it is definitely a London Gold Scam. Even if there are not enough matches, please still be aware as genuine financial and investment companies will NOT find customers and investors using social media directly. Such scheme could be other types of scams, such as multi-level marketing scams.

Last Update 最後更新:2018年3月26日

鳴謝各位網友提供資料。Thank you for all your information.

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    倫敦金只係騙徒工具, 如政府立法管制倫敦金

    班騙徒一定會出一些變種產品出來, 可避過管制, 這些產品可以係期油, 期糖, 等市面可資料既產品

    所以政府要對倫敦金交易立法, 是作用不大的。

    希望通過唔同既渠道, 使大眾得知騙徒手法, 減少大眾被騙。

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